Brenda's (not amazing) Kitchen

As you can see from my title, this is a cooking post, um, something that definitely isn't my niche. Oh, my title was inspired by the amazingly talented Cëe (@ardaisy_ on Instagram) and her lovely blog (

Well, I tried to cook some scrambled eggs again after numerous failed attempts. This time round, I suppose it isn't so good but definitely way better than before. Scrambled eggs taste surprisingly good with dried cranberries (I wonder if it's my weird taste....) Coupled with a cup of milk, this would probably be a pleasant breakfast for me. 

But seriously, if you'd want to see pretty pictures of cooking, baking of sweet stuff (macarons!) and DIY ice cream, please hop over to Cëe's blog! She never fails to leave me in awe with her recipes, which gets me thinking "Wow, you could do this?!?" or "This looks soooooo great I'm hungry". I hope you'd be glad!