What semester break is doing to me

+ reduced me to a bare lazy bum
+ made me start reading my books (yes reading is healthy)
+ waking up at unearthly hours, I could spend the whole day lazing in bed
+ yawning a lot more
+ no more consistent meals
+ just bumming around, like I've said 
+ searching for better songs to build up my currently-only-68-songs playlist
+ addicted to silly iPhone games (really)
+ chuckling to myself while reading #NameGame tweets

I honestly need better things to do since semester break is here. I mean, I have home work and stuff, but c'mon. I need a break from those, and start doing something healthier than sleeping, which pretty much sums up each and every day of mine. Speaking of which, I'm typing this using my phone. Now you see how lazy I am. 

Not that I'm entirely doing nothing.. I just made some changes to my blog skin. Basically changing my blog header, moving all my pages and tabs from the side bar to under the blog header, and adding more pages such as 'contact' and 'FAQ'. Now that I've an FAQ page, I'd no longer be answering questions on my ask.fm that I've answered over there in my FAQ! Lazy fingers, as usual.