Portagram #2: Paper Types

Little square pictures of my Instagram that forms a letter P. Well, you're right, P stands for Portagram – Your very own Instagram prints at affordable prices! Today I'll be sharing about the 3 different types of papers that Portagram offers. 

Previously, Portagram sponsored me a dozen of these little printables, of which I had them printed in the Standard (Vintage) paper type. It's a slightly tinted yellowish cardboard, which brings about this vintagey feel to your pictures. You can read more about my previous post here.

One thing I like about these Portagram prints is that unlike normal photos developed on photo paper, they are printed on cardboard. Normal photos have this a-tad-too-glossy finish that leaves a lot of fingerprints when you touch the surface, which ruins the photo, and I'm glad Portagram prints don't have this problem.

1. Standard (Vintage)

Slight yellow tint, plus bits of what seemed like recycled paper pulp (which does not affect the quality of your images at all), gives this vintage feel to your images. 

2. Classic (Matte finish) 

Modern, slightly glossy yet with a matte finish. It's white, unlike the standard (Vintage) paper type. This gives me the feel of a magazine cover or textbook cover, or maybe, something like a post card. I can't make up my mind, but this sure is your choice if you're looking for something more urban and modern. 

3. Premium 

This has got to be my favorite! As stated in the Portagram website, this premium paper type has an additional 'pearl shine'. I couldn't figure out what this pearl shine really meant until I received my Portagram prints. I am unable to show you the full shine but as you can see, these prints REFLECT light! It reminds me of wedding invitation cards, whereby it has this glittery feel, yet you don't see a mess of glitter falling all over your hands and outfit. 

I can't exactly show you the 3 different types of paper offered, you really just have to see it for yourself. Why not head over to Portagram to have your Instagram photos printed on your desired  paper type?

Also, with these Portagram prints, there's so much you can do with them. Here, I'm showing 2 different ideas of what I might do with my Portagram prints. 

1. Display them on the wall
Instead of hanging heavy frames and risking the paint from peeling off your wall, why not try decorating your wall with these light cardboard prints? Some Blutack will do the trick. Simple, minimalistic yet tells a thousand words. Plus, you can be your very own artist, by having your own photography featured on the wall. I don't know about you, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment seeing them on my wall.

2. Make them into little cards
On occasions that you've to give little notes of appreciation to others, instead of plain paper, you can also try using these Portagram prints as cards. Simply write a short message behind, and there you have it, a special card for each person to give to. Having your own photography given out to your friends and family feels great. 

Of course, there are many other things you can do with Portagram prints. Be it name cards, birthday cards or even just for memories sake.

They are ideal as 'props' for photo taking too! 

Head over to www.portagram.com now to have your Instagram photos printed. Due to Instagram's privacy policy, you can't print from your friend's account, but you sure can save their photos, upload to your own Instagram, and have them printed!

You may check out their website for further details. Otherwise, you can find them on various social networking sites here: