Folds and Florals

(backdated entry from 5th March 2014)

Floral Crop Pullover: Shop The Universe
YSL Inspired Sling: Shop The Universe
Shoes: New Balance
Origami Skorts: Own

Today's outfit features a floral pullover from Shop The Universe, a humble little Singapore-based online store, worn over a pair of origami skorts that I've finally found in my size (it's still a bit loose, sadly). Silly me thought it would be a good idea to don on a pullover in the 33°C weather, but no regrets because the pullover is in my favorite monochrome color, making floral prints much more subtle than the usual bright and colorful. 

Paired my outfit with my trusty New Balance sneakers, as well as a YSL-inspired crossbody bag also from the same store. The adorable bag stood out from my outfit due to its deep wine red color, and also I am rather surprised by the amount of things I can fit into this bag despite its tiny frame. Do not judge a book by its cover, yes? All in all, I must admit I really liked today's outfit, despite the weather that almost killed me.